GIFT: Generations IN Faith Together

About GIFT
Does this include you? Yes! GIFT is for all ages including: Singles, Couples, College Students, Teenagers, Kids, Mom & Dad, Grandma & Grandpa, Students, Empty Nesters, Newcomers, Families, Retired People and All Parishioners!

Based upon the Gospel and the call of Pope Benedict XVI and his predecessors for a new evangelization and stronger catechetical effort, and after much discernment, we have changed our faith formation program to what we call GIFT: Generations in Faith Together. GIFT uses a liturgy-centered, lifelong, and intergenerational approach to Catholic faith formation. The goal is to help and support everyone who wishes to become a better disciple by integrating faith, worship, and life in light of the Gospel. Since this is an ongoing, lifelong task, we invite everyone in the parish to participate.

All are welcome!
See the GIFT website at for registration and more info.

Some specific goals are to:
· Enhance awareness that Catholic faith formation leads to and flows from regular participation in the Sunday Eucharistic celebration
· Take greater advantage of the unique formational power of community worship
· Continue to adapt formational activities to an intergenerational community
· Offer primary and middle school children more ministry and service programs
· Expand follow up discussion and service work opportunities for adults
· Family-friendly flexibility

So how exactly does GIFT work?
Participating households attend the parish Faith Formation Event. The events are learning experiences that prepare participants for a church event which provides the content for the learning.

Events begin with a simple meal, followed by an all ages opening activity and prayer, a break out session (age appropriate) and conclude with a large group closing activity and prayer.

At each Event, participating households receive a Home Kit. The material in the Home Kit is designed to reinforce the lessons learned at the festival in preparation for the event. In addition, the kits include activities designed to empower families to share and practice their faith.

An invitation – Opportunities for GIFT Ministry
The success of the GIFT program depends on you. Your willingness to share your time and talents will enhance the program. The program is dependent on help from everyone. Whether you can afford an hour a month or would like to run a portion of the program, we need your voice, talent, and experience to help us make GIFT an effective faith formation program.
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