Weekly Message


With the end of the summer comes the beginning of our faith formation year. At Our Lady of the Assumption, teachers and students are getting ready to head back on September 28th. At Our Lady of Victory, the team is gearing up for Generations in Faith Together (GIFT).

We have two GIFT sessions starting Sunday, September 21, with additional sessions on Monday evening, Wednesday evening, and our last session on Sunday the 28th, in the afternoon. GIFT is open to all parishioners of any age from either parish. It is the cornerstone for the Sacramental years at OLV. However, GIFT is not just for kids. Last year more than 400 adults shared and grew in their faith through GIFT. We begin together with a meal and a brief introduction of the topic.

In September we will be learning more about and discussing the Holy Eucharist. After our introduction, we break out into age appropriate groups to learn more about the topic. We then gather together to share what we have learned and close with a prayer service. Faith formation does not end with what is learned in our classes or at GIFT. The hope at both parishes is that we take what we have learned and share it with others at home and in our community.

If you haven’t already, please be sure to register for faith formation. Information on OLA can be found at www.assumption-capecod.org or by calling Suzanne Glaser, 508-428-0797. Please go to www.OLVGIFT.com to learn more about GIFT at OLV and how to register. Please keep all the students and volunteers from both parishes in your thoughts and prayers as we begin our faith formation year.

Thanks for joining me on my faith journey,
Bill Bussiere GIFT Staff Our Lady of Victory