Weekly Message


From Father Perry

As summer starts to wind down a word of welcome to those who are visiting with us on the Cape and worship with us. We’re glad you are here and hope the time of leisure provides rest and refreshment.

I take this opportunity to thank everyone who was involved with the reception to welcome and meet me held a couple of weeks ago. A special thank you for the many nice desserts and food items that were brought in to make the occasion extra special. Personally I am grateful for the many encouraging words of support, cards and for your prayers during this time of personal adjustment that the transfer to a different parish brings.

Last week I received two calls for the sacrament of the sick (for people at home) in one hour. I was more than happy to bring the comfort that only the sacrament can bestow. I raise this issue as a reminder that there might not always be a priest immediately available, so please do not delay in calling for the sacrament. If there is the diagnosis of serious illness, it is important to call right away so the patient can receive the pastoral comfort of anointing and the grace of the Eucharist during their time of illness.