Weekly Message


During this month of All Souls let us not forget to remember in our prayers our deceased loved ones who were so much a part of our lives.  As people of faith we can acknowledge and recognize that they live on before God as well as in our own minds and hearts. During this month we will remember the deceased, in a special way as we begin the month with All Saints and All Souls Days reminding us of our unity as a church with those who have gone before us.

As I mentioned at some of the Masses I was truly humbled last week on Priesthood Sunday by the prayers and kindnesses extended.  Please pray for vocations to the priesthood and religious life from our own parish and our own families.  It is so important that we encourage a young man or woman who would like to explore if God is calling them to a religious vocation.  In our society where lifelong commitments seem to be passé, it is more important than ever to promote and encourage religious vocations because they are so counter cultural to our society.  Please be ready to encourage and support any potential religious vocation because this can make the difference between a young man or woman exploring a call to a religious vocation or simply ignoring it.

Fr. Perry