Weekly Message

Dear friends,

Welcome to Passion-tide! An Irish theologian sums up these holiest days this way: "He showed us the weakness of power - and revealed the power hidden in weakness."
And imagine, it all started with the "crowds." Cheering, one day, "Hosanna to the Son of David," and jeering days later,
"Crucify him, crucify him, crucify him."

Such is the nature of the rotten power of the crowd; conspicuously, they are not community. In fact, since they don't know
who Jesus was, they show us how much they didn't know who they were. Isn't that usually how and why we get ourselves into our troubles? Whenever we lose our sense of identity the proverbial wheels begin to fall off the cart!
Holy Week is one of the best times to reflect upon the importance of our identity - in Christ. After all, Jesus is the
revelation that God is one of us. Jesus takes God's love for us right up onto the Cross at Calvary. "It will be poured out, for you..." Among His last words are these: "Woman behold your son; your mother." From the wood of His Cross, Jesus
creates community and since then, Jesus sustains our Communion.
He is one of us. Hosanna!

Lord, help us to rise up and be who you call us to be.

~ Fr. Mark