Weekly Message

From Father Perry:

As we celebrated the wondrous feast of Christmas a few days ago, I would like to thank all responsible for preparing to make the celebrations so beautiful.  There are countless details that go on, so please know of my gratitude for anything that anyone did to make the celebration of Christmas more meaningful.  The more obvious things of music and decoration along with all the behind-the- scenes preparations do not just happen, but are really the actions of love of so many for their parish.  There are so many homebound who have received tokens of remembrance from the parish, there are so many whose Christmas will be a happy one because of the giving tree program and there will be many families who have meals on their tables.  We have many things to be thankful for, and one of those is the wonderful parishes that we belong to, where so many things like those just mentioned go on.

As so many make the extra effort to get to Mass for Christmas, please make every attempt to continue to faithfully practice your faith.  The spirit of Christmas and the gift of Christ who offers us joy does so throughout the year, and what better way to recognize that than reserving a little time each weekend to pray together at Mass.