Weekly Message


On Wednesday of this past week I officially and happily, began my new assignment as pastor of Our Lady of Assumption
and Our Lady of Victory Parishes. Sadly it meant leaving many of the friends and parishioners that have become a part of
my life over the last eight years in Taunton. As many of you know, this is a return of sorts, as I spent seven happy years as the assistant at Our Lady of Victory. Times have changed, in as much as we often hate to admit it, the years have gone bye.

It was twenty-five years ago last week that I first arrived on the Cape and eighteen years ago that I ended the parish
assignment to be transferred to Fall River. The last few days have brought many a reunion with so many people and I am truly grateful for so warm a welcome. They have reminded me of how much has changed over the years too. There were four priests assigned in our parishes when I was here before, now there is one. I am grateful to Fr. Hession for leaving such a well-organized facility and dedicated staff. I am grateful for the many priests who serve so generously and share their priestly ministry with us so faithfully.

I ask the favor that you tell me your name when we meet. Remembering names is not my strong suit and so please keep reminding me and repeating. There is no agenda or mission for which I have been sent here, only that we live out and support each other on our journey of faith. It is my hope and prayer to be able to continue the good work that has gone on and that our parishes be places of spiritual welcome.