Weekly Message


From Father Perry

In the near future the Annual Appeal mailing will be delivered to you by mail. I thank you, in advance, for supporting the parish in this way. The summer brings a wonderful vacation and spirited atmosphere to the Cape and gratefully many more parishioners who worship with us (and assist in the support of the parish). The financial surpluses of the summer, and the support that the Annual Appeal provides are needed in the winter months, so please support the Appeal as your means allow.

I suspect you have noticed in the Mass the omitting of the bishop’s name in the Eucharistic prayer and the substitution of the words like “the college of bishops.” This is because with the naming of our new bishop, Bishop Edgar M. daCunha, S.D.V, who will be installed in September, the diocese is now run by our (now) former bishop George Coleman under the title of Apostolic Administrator, and so the name is omitted.

Bishop Coleman will be honored as he celebrates fifty years of priesthood in a diocesan celebration on August 26 and Bishop deCunha will be installed as bishop of our diocese on September 24. Please keep Bishop
Coleman in your prayers as he looks forward to a happy retirement and please pray for Bishop deCunha as he assumes the responsibilities and duties of being our new bishop.