Music Ministry

About the Music Ministry

The Choirs of Our Lady of Victory are warm and welcoming ways to contribute to the parish with your time and talent. Made up of people who love to join in performing beautiful music and who enjoy the time they spend together, the choirs make a strong contribution to parish life and to the worship of the Eucharist. We do not required a professional knowledge of music; we have found that enthusiasm and the love of harmony are more important bellwethers of success.

If at any time you are interested in joining one of our choirs, please call our Music Director, Dot Lortie, at 508-771-1029, come to a rehearsal, or email You will be very welcome.

Choir Director: Jo Jeczan
The OLV Adult Choir is for men and women from ages 18 and up. The choir has a wide-ranging repertoire, from the classics to modern composers, including works by Bach and Mozart, familiar hymns and pieces by new Catholic composers. The choir performs for all major holy days, highlighted by Christmas Midnight Mass and the Good Friday Passion. They also sing at 10 am Mass on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month, and for the two yearly Confirmations. During the major holidays and confirmations, the choir performs with instrumental accompaniment, otherwise they are accompanied on the organ by the Musical Director.

The choir meets for rehearsals on Wednesday evenings from 7:15 pm to 9 pm. New members are welcome at any time, and there is no audition. The choir performs and rehearses from mid-September to June.

Teen Music Group
The Teen choir consists of children from ages 14 to 18, and interested adults. The choice of music for this choir has a more modern bent, with an emphasis on jazz and modern composers. The music is sung in two, three or four part harmony. Anyone with an instrumental background is encouraged to attend a rehearsal and discuss their possible incorporation into the group.

The rehearsals are Sunday afternoons from 4:30 to 5 pm, and they sing weekly during the school year at the Sunday 5:30 pm Mass, a Mass with a focus on the teens of the parish.

Children’s Choir
Assistant: Jo Jeczen
The Children’s Choir of OLV is for the youth of the parish from ages 6 to 14; we ask that they be able to read. The children sing both modern and classic songs with simple harmonies that are chosen to appeal to the young. They learn the basics of harmony and to enjoy the beauty of the music and of singing in a group setting. There are no auditions.

The practices are held on Friday afternoons from 4 pm to 5:30 pm during the school year, unless there is no school. Simple lessons in faith are also included in the choir time. Children are encouraged to enter the choir at any time.

The Children’s Choir sing at 10 am Mass on the 1st and 3 rd Sunday of every month, for the 6 pm Christmas Eve Mass, and, on a voluntary basis, for First Communions.

Wedding Music Arrangments
See information provided by Our Lady of Victory

Special events
The highlights of the choir year are Christmas and Holy week. The children sing at the 6 pm Christmas Eve Mass, including a series of musical preludes by some choir members on their chosen instruments. The adult choir celebrates Christmas at Midnight Mass, adding the joy of Christmas music to the solemnity of the Mass, including preludes by choir members and examples of their broad range of music, from a simple carol to a celebration by Handel. The beauty of horns and strings, as well as the organ music, adds to the festive feeling.
Holy Week highlights the last half of the Adult Choir’s year. Performing at Holy Thursday, Good Friday, the Easter Vigil and Easter Masses, the choir expands their repertoire every year, seeking to find the best expression of the season. A particular highlight is Christopher Walker’s Passion of the Christ, performed on Good Friday.
The Adult choir also sings for the two yearly confirmations, performing music that is modern and enthusiastic, to reflect the interests of the youth to be confirmed.

In the upcoming year, the Choirs will be sponsoring the visit of a French Youth Choir and Orchestra, and will be looking for hosts families in July.

The Adult Choir has recorded a CD of Christmas favorites, Christmas at Our Lady of Victory, available for $ 15.
The Children’s Choir has recently recorded an album of children’s favorites, soon to be released.
To get any of these CDs, call Dot Lortie at 508.771.1029.