Facilities Use

Please download and print the Facilities Use Form and return to the Parish Office.
Please note that we reserve the right to reassign rooms due to the size of the group.

The rental fee for the Parish Center is $200. The rental fee for the R. E. Center and Hope House is $100.

All groups are expected to set up for their own meeting. If set up is required, there is a charge of $150 to have the maintenance crew set up.

All groups should leave the facility as you find it...... return any tables, chairs, furniture to the original configuration, clean kitchen facilities and dispose of trash in the dumpster located next to garage at Our Lady of Victory and in back of parking lot at Our Lady of Hope. A fee of $150 will be assessed if hall is not left as you found it.

Please turn out all lights and close all windows. If heat is on, please lower temperature to 60 prior to leaving, if air conditioning is on please turn off upon departure. (Thermostat on wall next to rest room corridor in P.C.)

Be sure that the door is locked and building is secure. Key should be returned to the Parish Office.

Parking for all Parish Center events is in the back parking lot to allow anyone coming to a church to be able to park in the church lot.